Our Milestones

Celebrating Tekworx Digital’s Key Milestones in Innovation and Excellence

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TekWorx.Hosting Customers

TekWorx.Hosting is honored to help over 2,000 satisfied recurring customers in their online ventures, providing reliable web hosting solutions and exceptional customer service. As we continue to grow, our commitment to excellence through personalized and managed web hosting services remains unwavering.

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Client-Publishers with Adworx

AdWorx, our Outsourced Ad Ops (OAO) services and solution, has successfully served over 500+ clients, mostly Publishers and Media Companies of different sizes, across the globe. We continue to be a competitive, innovative, and reliable go-to agency in Ad Ops for Publishers, even in the age of Web 3 and AI.

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eCommerce Businesses Enabled

TekWorx has propelled over 300+ businesses towards success through eCommerce and digital transformation initiatives, unlocking new avenues for growth, efficiency, and customer engagement in the digital realm.

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Students of TekWorx.Training
TekWorx.Training and WPBootcamp.ph

TekWorx.Training has equipped over 1000 students with cutting-edge skills and knowledge, shaping them into proficient digital professionals and business owners ready to thrive in today’s dynamic tech landscape.

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Upskilled with WPBootcamp.ph
TekWorx.Training and WPBootcamp.ph

WPBootcamp.ph has empowered over 2,500+ students with comprehensive WordPress skills, enabling them to build professional-grade websites, CRO-optimized eCommerce stores, and embark on successful digital careers with confidence and expertise.


Membership with Cebu IT / BPM Organization

TekWorx Digital proudly holds membership with the Cebu IT/BPM Organization (CIB.O), fostering industry collaboration, innovation, and growth within Cebu’s vibrant IT and business process management ecosystem.